Passing the cultural batton to the next generation.

Egwu Igba

An Anambra musical heritage.

Anambra Day

Regular display of art and culture.

Anambra Women

At the forefront of promoting and maintaining the culture.

Ekwe na Ogene

Musical instruments of the Igbos.


A special solo singing technique of the Anambra people.

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Anambra Progressive Union Frankfurt welcomes you to the home of Ndi Anmabra in Frankfurt am Main and its neighbouring cities. This is the home of Ndi Anambra, their families, friends and well-wishers.

Our Culture

APU Frankfurt was exclusively founded on the principle of love for Igbo culture and humanity as well as charitable purposes. We are determined to contribute its fair share of Igbo culture in Germany, Nigeria and across the globe.
In APU Frankfurt we strongly believe that culture and human development work hand in hand.

The people that own a culture must have good education and social security in other to appreciate, celebrate, maintain and preserve their culture. Hence, human development projects are an integral part of our Igbo culture promotional drive.
To achieve these goals, the organization creates programs for cultural awareness with a focus on music, arts, language, literature and theatre. We also run projects in education, skill acquisition, talents scout, cooperative schemes, sports and general women and youth-oriented projects.