About Us

Who we are

Anambra Progressive Union e.V. Frankfurt (APU Frankfurt) was found in 2014. It is a union of indigene of Anambra state living in Frankfurt am Main and its environs in Germany. The union devotes its resources for the preservation, promotion and development of Igbo cultural heritage. Furthermore, it helps in education, health community efforts as well as contributing to the general human development in Anambra State.

Board Members

Chiagozie Madukife


Tochukwu Ngolumuo

Vice Chairman

Oluchukwu Ezebuenyi

Genreal Secretary

Sylvester Mgbecheta

Asst. Gen. Secretary & Acc. Financial Secretary

Bassey Obianokwalu

Public Relations Officer

Innocent Nwafor


Augustine Ofodum

Logistics Affairs Manager

Celestine Oligbo



Anambra is a state in eastern part of Nigeria and is home to the Igbo people. With approximately 40 million, the Igbos are one of the major inhabitants of Nigeria. The cultural heritage of Igbos dates to thousands of years. Major cultural artifacts of the Igbos include terracotta, bronze figures, and masks. The most important archaeological findings in Igbo land are the bronze figures discovered in Igbo-Ukwu, a town located in today’s Anambra State. These figures, date back to the 9th and 10th centuries, making it the oldest such artifact found in the entire west-African region. Hence laying credence that the processing of copper and its alloys were practiced by the Igbos.


Membership to APU Frankfurt is open to people that are native to the area delineated as Anambra State in Nigeria, their families, friends and any other individual that loves the Igbo and Anambra culture resident in Frankfurt and its environs otherwise known as “Rhein-Main-Gebiet”.

Affiliate members may apply for members living outside of Frankfurt and its environs.


APU Frankfurt is committed is to maintaining Anambra state as the origin and centre of the Igbos and their culture. We also want to make APU Frankfurt the household name when it comes to the promotion of education, quality healthcare as well as a free and safe environment for children and youth to realize their full potentials through innovative and empowerment programs that focus on creating cultural awareness, promotion of use of Igbo language in all aspects of human development especially in education and business transactions.


APU Frankfurt overarching mission is to promote Igbo culture in diaspora and at the same time develop meaningful projects that sustain and empower all especially children and youths in Anambra state, Nigeria. A strong organization cultural promotion works, through affiliate organisations and corporate bodies at large to consolidate the efforts of its membership towards goal realization. APU Frankfurt engages in developing substantial partnerships and collaborations with governments and other stakeholders. It utilizes means such as awareness campaigns, cultural events, language schools, medical missions, charity events and skills acquisition programs.